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Toggle Ties & Netting Ties

Toggle Ties & Netting Ties

Flexities provide an exceptionally strong yet flexible fixing and has been specially developed for use with

Flexitie or otherwise know as Toggle Ties. is a single toggle type accessory comprising a multistrand elastic cord with a toggle and hook, designed for use with Scaffband Scaffold Sheeting and all other brands of sheeting listed. Toggle Ties are the best way to secure Scaffold Sheeting securely to Scaffolding Structures.

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Netting Ties (Black 4.8mm x 300mm) 100 per bag Debris Netting
Netting Ties 4.8mm x 295mm Netting Ties.) Designed to Hold Scaffold Debris Netting to the requir..
1000 Netting Ties (Black 4.8mm x 300mm)
Netting Ties are designed for Securing Netting to structures Securely Thus ensuring protection to th..
Toggle tie Flexitie fixings (100 per bag)
1000 Toggle tie Flexitie fixings (in bags of 100)
1000 Toggle Ties (box/bag) Recommended for use with Scaffold sheeting. we supply Toggle Flexi tie..