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PAL-3 Pro Absorber Lanyard

PAL-3 Pro Absorber Lanyard
Product Code: LAN-PAL3
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Off-Set Twin Leg Lanyard with the same features as PAL2 but has the addition of a strengthening webbing to stop stitch peel in the event users fall with anchors widely spaced apart. It also stops connectors from sliding. Extra care should be taken when working and users are advised not to leave both devices connected at the same time.

Principle Features:

1 x 2m leg and 1 x 1.3m leg
Delta link to body
Choice of connectors A, B, C & D
Shock load indicator via outer cover and indicator flag
Extra strengthening webbing under ‘Y’ connection
Label sheave protects form damage and wear
UV-resistent polyester webbing
Contrast colour stitch for easy inspection

EN354 & EN 355